The Passy Mont Blanc nature reserve sums up the history of the Haute-Savoie mountains. Discover a fauna and flora preserved in sumptuous landscapes with views of Mont Blanc.



Municipality: Passy
Area: 1 800 ha
Altitude : from 1 347 m to 2 901 m
Creation: 1980



The nature reserves of Haute-Savoie are protected and regulated natural areas.Dogs even on a leash are forbidden.
The movement of motor vehicles is prohibited.
Picking, camping, fires are prohibited.
At the entrance of each nature reserve a specific markup reminder regulation.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact ASTERS.
Natural environments
The young cliffs of the Fiz dominate the grasses of old Pormenaz, the formidable push of the Alps opposing their natures limestone and siliceous. From this mineralogical contrast is born diversities of environments (lawns, heaths, wetlands) and alpine species (eagles, ibex …).



From the forest to the alpine lawns, the fauna is very varied: grouse, chamois, ibex, marmot, ptarmigan, black grouse …
Many birds nest in the cavities of the cliffs: bearded vulture, golden eagle …
Herds of cows and sheep maintain altitude pastures.

The flora

The opposition of wet and dry environments generates an exceptional floristic richness.

A total of 530 species have been recorded, including the lily of Saint-Bruno, which prefers pastures, the Acheule silene that colonizes rocky areas …


Flies and biodiversity

Hoverflies – flies – are valuable indicators for scientists. The comparison of the number and type of hoverfly species before and after the brush clearing operations in Pormenaz makes it possible to assess the state of biodiversity.