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Pic-nic area in Plaine Joux

Plaine-Joux - Chemin des parchets - 74190 Passy
Before or after a walk in Plaine-Joux, come in the pic-nic area of Plaine-Joux.

Espace Lutins

Chemin des Parchets - 74190 Passy
The "espace des Lutins" is an open space for children aged 6 months to 6 years accompanied with one parent.
04 50 78 00 03

Picnic room

321 Chemin des Parchets - 74190 Passy
A picnic room to have lunch in a warm environment.
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Mont-blanc View in Plaine Joux

Plaine Joux - 74190 Passy
Many places can enjoy a view Mont Blanc, that of Plaine Joux is incredible. We would almost touch him so he is ready! The view is great!