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Reception and marketing manager, membership advisor
Stay advisor

Her tourist secret: walking around the Lac Vert in all seasons and admiring the different sets of colours and lights!

What she likes about the Passy Tourist Office: The diversity of the work & a great team!

A quote : The heart has its reasons that reason ignores


Stay advisor

Her favorite event: the Fête des Lutins: a festive day in the resort facing the Mont Blanc

Her favorite month: December as the festive season approaches and the snow begins to fall.

Her tourist pride: The Désert de Platé: a lunar landscape facing Mont-Blanc

What she likes about Passy Tourist Office: Meeting and talking to people at the reception desk or during events.

A quote: “I never lose. Either I win, or I learn”.


Activities and Events Manager

Her favourite event: All!

Her favourite month: April and May, for the return of fine weather and mild temperatures

Her tourist secret: Admire the blazing sunset over the mountains

What she likes about the Passy Tourist Office: Your smile and your positive feedback on our events and the contact with our partners

A quote: My motto: no limits.


Promotion and Communication Manager

Her favourite event: The Tour des Fiz trail, my favourite event

Her favourite month : October, when Passy looks like a mini Canada with its multicoloured trees, its bright sky and its orange-red sun

Her tourist secret: Admiring Passy and its surrounding mountains from the via Ferrata de Curalla

What she likes about Passy Tourist Office: A young and dynamic team working hand in hand to offer you unforgettable experiences in Passy Mont-Blanc

His tourist pride: The unmissable Lac Vert, a nugget to be discovered and rediscovered in all seasons

A quote: Alone we go faster, together we go further


Communication Assistant Trail du Tour des Fiz

Her favourite event: The Trail du Tour des Fiz (of course ♥)

Her favourite month: January when the snow covers the mountains

Her tourist secret: Walks and hikes on fine winter days, when the snow crunches underfoot and the sun dazzles as much as the landscape.

What she likes about Passy Tourist Office: The incredible team that builds projects and events with passion and dedication.

Her tourist pride: the Lac Vert, a real jewel in the heart of the forest

A quote: “The only thing you can be sure of not succeeding in is the thing you don’t try”.




Executive assistant and quality manager
Stay advisor

Her favourite event: The Hauts Plateaux festival, for a moment out of time

Her favourite month: February for the return of good weather after the snowfall

Her tourist pride: the Passy lake for a refreshing swim facing the Mont Blanc

What she likes about Passy Tourist Office: the contact with the clients who rely on us to find great activities to do during their holidays

A quote : You have to eat today what you are not sure to be able to eat tomorrow

Léon Fuchs


His favourite event: The Tour des Fiz Trail, famous far beyond the region for its breathtaking natural setting.

His favourite month: June, for the summer solstice and the luminosity.

His tourist secret: use your 5 senses to discover the area in depth and in original ways.

What he likes about Passy Tourist Office: the quality of human relations and exchanges.

A quote: “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in. Leonard Cohen