Discover the dishes which you can try in our mountain huts:

At each stop, a new menu, specialities, a great opportunity to combine hiking and gastronomy!

Varan mountain hut:

Its specialities: Soup – Assiette des Clarines ( local dish with cold cuts, potato, salad and melted cheese) – savoyard fondue – homemade pies and cakes… Our savoyard wines.

Châtelet d’Ayères mountain hut:

Its specialities: The bougnettes (local name for batter-fried potatos) are making the gourmets very happy! Sides for meats, cold cuts and salads. Homemade blueberry pies.

Moëde-Anterne mountain hut:

Its specialities: pork roast with prunes served with a traditional savoyard gratin, the farcement (local dish with prunes and bacon), the fondue and a homemade diplomatic pudding.

Alfred Wills mountain hut:

Its specialities: homemade soup, blueberry pie not to forget an outstanding wine list.

Platé mountain hut:

Its specialities: real vegetable soup served with cheese (Tomme de Savoie), homemade apricot pie perfect to be served with cappuccinos or hot chocolates not to forget the well-known breakfast and its homemade jams…

Mountain hut of the Fonts:

Its specialities: vegetable soup, farm cheese (Tomme) and local dishes (fondue, cold cuts…).

Grenairon mountain hut:

Its specialities: The Savoyard croûte (local dish with bread, wine, bacon, cheese), the fondue, the farcement (local dish with bacon and prunes) and the tartiflette (booking in advance is requiered). Homemade desserts: pies, cakes and the famous chestnut fondant… Taste some unknown Savoie wine: Persan, Monseuse, Blanche…!

Sales mountain hut:

Its specialities: traditionnal mountain cuisine, the savoyard fondue is well-known in the valley…

Lodge of the Lac de Gers:

Its specialities: original mixed-salads, its reblochon fondue, its homemade desserts.