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Indoor bowling pitch.

Bowling: 8 indoor pitches and 8 outdoor pitches.
844 Av. de l'Aérodrome - Marlioz - 74190 Passy
Contact04 50 18 00 00

Bowling - Laser Game - Escape Game du Mont-Blanc

Rien n’est plus sérieux que de s’amuser au Bowling Mont Blanc ! Bowling : pour s’amuser contre les quilles Bar : pour partager un verre entre amis Laser Game : devenez le meilleur( e) tireur (e) Escape Game : trouvez l’énigme
531-533 rue du Capitaine Bulle - 74700 Sallanches
Contact04 50 47 59 88


On holiday in Saint-Gervais? Why not head down to the casino in Le Fayet to try your luck on one of our 75 slot machines, at the Black Jack table or on the electronic Roulette? If you fancy a drink, enjoy a cocktail at the bar. If you are feeling a little hungry, simply order a snack off the menu. Liven up your evenings, your afternoons or your weekends with a choice of live entertainment.
Rond-Point du Casino - Route de l'Artisanat - 74170 Saint-Gervais-les-Bains
04 50 53 07 65

Casino Le Royal Chamonix

Come and try your luck, get the jackpot !
12 place H.B de Saussure - 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
Contact04 50 58 32 13
Patrimoine culturel

Mountain Nature Center

The Mountain Nature Center is an exhibition space which is great for the whole family, from youngest to oldest. Come and discover all about the Alps' natural treasures !
9 route de Doran - 74700 Sallanches
Contact04 50 18 39 10

Cinéma "Ciné Mont-Blanc"

Ciné Mont-Blanc: LIVE THE CINEMA AUTREMENT !! Multiplex of 10 rooms, 1500 armchairs, Projection 4K LASER + Sound Dolby Atmos in room 1, automatic terminals, purchase of places on Free parking !
561 avenue de Genève - 74700 Sallanches
04 50 78 00 03


One film per week, usually on Monday evening at 8.30pm. Plus films for children during the school holidays and other projections during local festivals.
Rue de l'Eglise - 74190 Passy
From 5 €
Contact04 50 58 80 52
Patrimoine culturel

Church: Notre Dame de Toute Grâce

Notre Dame de Toute Grace (1950), is the key building to the revival of sacred art in the twentieth century. The masterpieces that decorate the church are signed by the greatest of modern artists.
101 rue de l'église - 74190 Passy
Contact04 50 58 80 52
Patrimoine culturel

Church of Saint Donat

The Church of Saint Donat was built in the Plagnes hamlet, between Le Fayet and Saint-Gervais les Bains.
Les Plagnes - 74190 Passy
Contact04 50 58 80 52
Patrimoine culturel

Church of Saint Pierre & St Paul

Behind its calm and robust appearance , the church of Passy protects nineteen centuries of history. Roman bell tower, baroque and Sardinian neo-classical decor etc.
Passy Chef-lieu - 74190 Passy