In 1973, Passy was the setting for a huge exhibition – Sculptures in the Mountains – Poem in Space.

Inspired by the place and its history, conceived by the poet Jean-Pierre Lemesle, the project brought together works by the most representative artists of contemporary sculpture. Passy has kept five major works and acquired other sculptures. Placed in the 1980s between the exit of the A40 motorway and the foothills of the Fiz mountain range, they offer a tour of the hillside, reaching the exceptional viewpoint of Plaine Joux (Works by Cossin, Gosselin,

Brunelli, Féraud, Calder, Romy, Dupuy, Sandel, Semser, Roussi, Cardenas and Gardy Artigas).

Scattered along the hillside between the plain and the Plaine-Joux resort, facing Mont Blanc, the Route de sculpture contemporaine turns Passy into a large open-air museum.

12 monumental sculptures line a 12km route.

Artists: Féraud, Calder, Semser, Gardy Artigas, Roussi, Cardenas, Gosselin, Dupuy, Romy, Cossin, Brunelli and Sandel