Minor heritage

Passy is a very wide territory (around 8000 hectares) composed of serveral hamlets which witness from the old days. A minor heritage named as such only because it isn’t protected as heritage site yet a worth seeing heritage!

 The fortifies houses
From the middle-age, Passy has kept massive houses called fortifiges houses (La Frasse, Dingy, Lucinges, La Pérouse as well as the Chedde towers, Loisin and Boussaz).

Traditionnal housing
One will notice the housing of the 18th and 19th century based on the “remues” cycle and caracterised by the adaptation to the incline, a half underground bedrock, accomodations in masonry and very large wooden barn with holes and linings. The barns in the valley are unique in the Mont-Blanc valley.
All around those houses layout linked to the pastoral activities have been made: apiaries, attics, storage sheds, bread ovens, pool made of granit, limestone or wood. On the hill, thanks to the sun, vines and fruit trees are growing.

Modern housing
In the 20th century, this traditionnal housing will decline in favor of a modern style inspired by the “cottage for skiers” of the architect from Megève Henry-Jacques Le Même or in favor of functional building with one roof pitch.

Chapels of the hamlets
In the heart of the hamlets, chapels of baroque style (17th century) are being maintained by local society: Bay (dedicated to Francis de Sales, St Symphorien, St-Felix and St Grat), Maffray (dedicated to St Joseph and St Guérin), Joux (dedicated to The Sainte-Croix, St Roch and St Agathe) and La Motte (dedicated to St Bernard, St Michel and St Clair). The Bay chapel has a beautiful altarpiece in polychrome gilded wood, a canvas of the coronation of the Virgin and a lovely wall decoration which can be seen in the summer through a design grille in forged iron.
Along the roads and paths oratories and cross are the testomony of a deep popular faith.

The schools
Passy has about tens schools on its territory:

  • The small schools from the 19th century in Chedde, Joux, La Motte and Maffrey which run thanks to the legacy of the Pierre Bosson charity (1737-1822). The unexpected small steeples on the school building of Joux, La Motte and Maffey is due to the fact that the schools were installed in old chapels.
  • The school of Bay, The Plages and the Ruttets were created by interested owners.
  • The school of Chedde-le-Haut, built in 1910 is different with its belfry with a clock yet still crowned with a steeple.
  • The schools from the 20th century: Chedde-centre (1930s), Plateau d’Assu, Chedde-Faubourg and Marlioz (architect: Henry-Jacques Le Même).

Other heritage
Other cultural heritage can drawn our attention: the industrial past (Chedde), outstanding structures (Egratz viaduc), the cemeteries as well as the new contemporary buildings (school of Passy Chef-Lieu and the venue Parvis des Fiz).

The lanscapes and viewpoints are enhanced with orientation tables for an exhaustive interpretation of the surronding mountains (Plaine-Joux, carpark of Parchet, between Bay and the Coudray, with an artwork signed by Vincent Cordier).