Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to do the Tour des Fiz ?

  • The recommended duration of the tour is about 3 days. Beyond 3 days, the stages are really short. You can adapt your stops as you wish.

How much walking time is there between the refuges?

  • Each refuge is separated from the next one by a maximum of 4 hours of walking.

Is it necessary to book an overnight stay in a refuge?

Can I bivouac on the Tour des Fiz ?

  • The trails of the Tour des Fiz are in a nature reserve, bivouacking is tolerated on the itinerary between 7pm and 9am, fires and dogs are forbidden. Click here to find all the regulations in force in the nature reserve.

What are the water supply points on the route?

  • There are drinking water fountains near the Refuge de Sales, the Refuge du Grenairon, the Refuge des Fonts and the Refuge Alfred Wills. In times of drought, there is no guarantee that the fountains will be operational. You can buy bottled water at the refuges if necessary.

Is there a risk of encountering guard dogs and/or patous on the route?

  • Patous are regularly seen in the sectors of Platé, Sales, Pormenaz (on the Servoz side) and Anterne.

What is the Dérochoir?

  • The Dérochoir passage is a technical rock fall, which can only be climbed on the way up (i.e. in the direction Ayères > Platé) by semi climbing. You can watch this video to get a better idea of the nature of the path.