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©Barbara DELIERE


What is striking and what I love in Passy is its great diversity! From the majestic Aiguilles shinning at dusk to its peaceful and colourful lakes, not forgetting the great desert of Platé, you’ll fall in love with the beauty of this wilderness.

When I’m hiking the path of the Fiz, I always feel like I’m travelling within a wild and welcoming nature in which men and mountain huts have found their places.

What makes the difference of Passy and particularly the Fiz mountain range is its accessibility. By foot, at your own pace and you have all the chances to see an ibex on your way…

Passy: a small ski-resort and a perfect place for families and sport-lovers. Here more than everywhere else adventures and delights are for everyone: from the youngest to the eldest, from the trailers to the hikers.

In a nutshell, the Fiz Mountain range is a rich and rare place to discover at once!