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« CREMERIE, espace d’art contemporain ».

CREMERIE is a contemporary art space hosting temporary exhibitions and cultural events.
74190 Passy
Contact04 50 78 17 87
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Association : Montagne en Pages

This association has been organizing the Alpine Literature Show in Passy since 25 years.
74190 Passy
Contact04 50 58 32 13
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Centre de la Nature Montagnarde

Association d’éducation et de sensibilisation à l’environnement montagnard depuis 1985, le CNM propose des activités et ateliers pour tous, toute l’année. Renseignez-vous sur les nombreux avantages liés à l’adhésion.
9 route de Doran - 74700 Sallanches
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Research Center of Assy's history

Research, diffusion, entertainment, cultural actions, saving and promotion of the history and heritage of Plateau d'Assy.
4301 route du Plateau d'Assy - 74190 Passy
Contact04 50 93 67 11
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The FJEP youth club is an association that proposes several sports, cultural and recreational activities to local youths and adults.
275 rue Arsène Poncet - 74190 Passy
Contact04 50 47 56 45
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Folklore group Lou Folatons

The purpose of this dance group is to make the connection with the past of our ancestors by reproducing the warm atmosphere of the old vigils, daily life, holidays and old works.
165 Impasse de Plan champ - Domancy - 74190 Passy
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Les Hauts Plateaux theatrical troupe

The Hauts Plateaux troupe performs its art in the open air, addressing current ecological concerns and establishing a link between nature and culture. The approach is to create a place of questioning and dialogue with the public.
Plaine-Joux - 74190 Passy
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Les yeux ouverts... sur l'aventure - LYOSA

L'association Les Yeux Ouverts sur l'Aventure regroupe des habitants du Plateau d'Assy et des alentours, passionnés de cinéma et d'aventure et désireux de partager cette passion avec un large public.
Plateau d'Assy - 74190 Passy
Contact06 76 22 89 68
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Mont Blanc Recyclery

Association created in 2019 by a group of citizens with the aim of reducing waste and giving a second life to objects so that they do not go to incineration.
427 CHE DU CREY AU PRAZ - 74190 Passy
Contact06 76 22 89 68
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An association created in 2018, the aim of a Repair Café is to repair objects in order to extend their life span and thus avoid throwing them away. Limiting waste in order to limit incineration appeared to be an obvious choice.
330 rue du stade - 74190 Passy