Sustainable development

Our professionals’ commitments

The Jardin des cimes and its Café

The Jardin des Cimes’s Café is committed to offering you only home-made food.

The dishes, essentially vegetarian, are entirely cooked on site from organic and/or very local products (Savoie and Haute-Savoie) and/or from the Garden directly.

The drinks are made within a departmental radius (fruit juices, cola –coke– de la Yaute, artisanal syrups, beers, lemonades and iced teas…)

The Lac Vert restaurant and La Cantine in Plateau d’Assy and Chedde

Yann and his team are committed to offering you 100% home-made food from local and seasonal products in their restaurants, whether it be burgers, Savoyard dishes or dishes inspired by the world. Yann also promotes access to employment for people in difficulty in a process of professional and social integration.

Decathlon Mountain Store

The Mountain Store site, which houses the Decathlon shop as well as the design centres for the Quechua, Wed’ze and Simond brands, has been entirely designed to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible: rainwater recovery for customer and employee toilets, solar panels, intelligent lighting according to the outside light, intelligent heating and air conditioning system, strict sorting policy and devices, composters, water fountains, electricity cut-off between 10pm and 7am, etc.

The exterior architecture of the building and the natural areas surrounding the site are favourable to the nesting of many species of birds. The site has therefore been awarded the LPO refuge label since 2021 and this for 5 years. 21 protected species and 5 threatened with extinction have been identified. The LPO refuge label also commits the site to the preservation of natural areas as well as the management of invasive plants and the protection of other animals living in the vicinity such as amphibians, beavers, squirrels, etc.

Employees of the site have also formed a beekeeper’s association, whose hives are installed near the building and thus contribute to the protection of bees.

La recyclerie du Mont Blanc

Every last Wednesday of the month, this association offers you its Rep’aire Café, a convivial moment where everyone can offer their talents as a repairer, handyman or seamstress and where you can bring your objects to be repaired. Workshops on different themes are also offered (sewing, packaging, decoration, beauty products, etc.)

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Refuge de Platé

In order to minimise the impact of helicopter transport of foodstuffs, they are transported by foot to the refuge on a voluntary basis.

The refuge is not connected to running water but uses rainwater and spring water for its daily operations, so water management is scrupulously regulated and there are no showers! Hikers are informed of this approach and are invited to be careful with their consumption.

As far as food is concerned, Romain and his team offer vegetables from the refuge’s garden as often as possible.

Local know-how and terroir

The restaurants le Chatelet d’Ayères in Plaine Joux and le Centre in Le Chef-Lieu are the only restaurants in Passy where you can find on the menu the traditional farcement, a typical Savoyard dish made from prunes and potatoes. Plum trees have been traditionally grown in Passy since the 19th century, and their dried fruit was sold at all the markets in the region. Their cultivation has never been professionalized, but plum trees are still present in Passy at many private owners’. The “Fête des Séchieux” which takes place every year in autumn pays tribute to the plum harvest which took place at the end of September/beginning of October. The name “séchieux” is in fact the name of the wicker baskets in which the prunes were dried.

The commitments of the City of Passy

The town of Passy has signed up to the Flocon Vert scheme in 2021. Flocon Vert is a guarantee of compliance with some 20 criteria, but also of the implementation of continuous improvement actions by the labelled territory on the following themes: governance, local economy, social and cultural dynamics and sustainable management of resources. This approach guarantees the sustainable commitment of mountain destinations and supports the territories in their transition.

Passy is in the process of obtaining the label.

Find here the Flocon Vert specifications.

The Tourist Office’s commitments

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